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Jackson and I predominantly hike the Falls trail located within Ricketts Glen State Park.  I have been to 49 of the 50 states and travelled to several countries within Europe, as well as Australia, and the Falls Trail still takes my breath away every time we hike it.  People are often nervous about hiking the Falls Trail, as it has been labeled as a difficult and dangerous trail.  The difficulty of any trail is relative to the individual hiking it, but I think that most experienced hikers and outdoorsmen would have little difficulty on the Falls Trail.   Technically speaking, the trail can be as easy or as difficult as you care to make it.  There are no guards or rails and it would be easy for an inexperienced hiker to get seriously injured or killed in a fall.

During the winter months, the trail is closed to all individuals who are not registered ice climbers with the state, or properly equipped expert hikers. Please stay off the trail in winter if you do not meet these conditions.  The technical and physical difficulty of the trail increases exponentially when the falls are in the process of, or have already iced over.


You will notice that many of our photos are taken either off trail, in or near the water, or on ice.  Please do not subject your dog to these conditions if he or she is not both physically and mentally prepared.  Jackson and I work as a team and we have trained together to navigate this terrain.  Additionally, I know his limitations and he knows mine, do not subject yourself or your dog to needlessly dangerous situations if you both are not mentally and physically prepared!


The official website for Ricketts Glen State Park and Falls Trail information is the Pennsylvania Department of Conservation and Natural Resources 


Below is an excellent video from VisitPAParks.  The video shows the falls along the trail, historical information, and the heights of each fall.  
Falls Trail Informational Video

Please!  If you decide to hike any trails at any state or national parks, be considerate and don't litter!  This should go without saying, but lately I have had to pick up a few bottles and cans along the trail when we go.  If you want to litter, do it on your own property!

Need more information about the Falls Trail?  Want to arrange a hike?  Drop us an email!

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