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The Great Pyrenees & Akbash Mix
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Dogs available for adoption from the same rescue that I got Jackson from can be viewed by clicking the link below.  All dogs housed at the Bear Creek Equine Sanctuary have had their temperaments fully evaluated and have been fully vetted.  This is not a shelter where dogs are in and out in a day or a week; time is taken to fully get to know each dog and address medical issues as small as skin problems, to as large as surgery repairing damage from serious trauma.  Carolyn, who runs the rescue, is available for advice before, during, and long after you have rescued an animal from them.  I trust Carolyn implicitly, and have nothing but wonderful things to say about her and the sanctuary. Transportation for rescue dogs is simple to arrange and the fee is minimal.  Upon request, an individual dog can be tested with cats if this has not already been done. 

Click here to see dogs currently available for adoption

A minimum of a 5 foot fence is required to be considered for the adoption of most dogs and a full home inspection by an authorized representative of the National Great Pyrenees Rescue must be carried out prior to the finalization for adoption.

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