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Why we chose POYC

There are a number of therapy dog organizations available today for membership, certification, training, insurance, and registration.  Some of these organizations, such as POYC are focused on providing therapy services to an individual state or region, while others such Therapy Dogs International and Delta Society focus on the national and international community.  I don’t believe that there is a wrong choice when it comes to joining a therapy dog organization, providing that they have a positive track record.  However, living in a region with a smaller population spread among a large area, I knew that I wanted to find an organization that would not only provide testing and registration services, but also provide support and communication on a personal level.  Additionally, POYC had developed programs and cultivated relationships with several facilities in the area.  The result was that once we were certified as a therapy dog team, we were provided one on one orientation sessions and introductions to staff of facilities that we had an interest in volunteering with.  Being new to therapy work, I never felt alone and knew that I could always pick up the phone and speak to someone who knew me by first name and would be happy to provide suggestions and guidance.  Living in a small town, I’ve grown fond of feeling like more than just a number when I speak to someone and POYC delivers that supportive and welcoming atmosphere.  For more information visit POYCdogs.org


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