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The Great Pyrenees & Akbash Mix
Usage and Reproduction

We have received requests to use Jackson and/or his photos on other websites, in print, and on TV.  We have been approached by Animal Planet and professional pet casting services, who are only permitted to cast pure bred animals.  Please be aware, that Jackson is NOT a pure bred dog.

We generally permit both for profit and non-profit entities to reproduce our images and information, providing that I, our website, or Jackson are referenced.  Unless you have standing permission to use our images on an ongoing basis, please email us and let me know which images and information you would like to use and how they will be used. 

If you would like us to test any outdoor gear for dogs or people, we would be happy to do so, providing that there is no cost to us.  We will provide a detailed report of our testing and you will have permanent rights to any photos taken during testing, providing that we receive credit for producing the photo and review.  Jackson and I have worked with several small companies during product development and quality control stages of production for collars, leads, and packs.

If you have any additional questions please email us!

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